5 Skills Every Order-to-Cash GPO Needs in the Age of AI
Secret to Cargill, adidas, Huntsman, Danone and McCormick’s A/R Success

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According to a textual analysis of 100+ job descriptions for Order-to-Cash(OTC) Global Process Owners(GPOs), here are the top skills and competencies that CFOs and VPs of Finance are looking for:

  • Lead the execution of a global strategy for the global accounts receivable processes
  • Drive process transformation and make key decisions related to the process.
  • Assess opportunities for continuous process improvement and/or expansion
  • Develop and translate strategy into operational goals, objectives, and process roadmaps
  • Implement innovative technology to build scalable and cost-effective solutions

Sounds daunting? Not Really!

Find how GPOs from Cargill, adidas, Huntsman, Danone and McCormick made their credit and A/R operations healthy, low cost and future ready.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-depth process and business acumen from adidas
  • Data driven decision making from Cargill
  • Project implementation planning from Huntsman
  • Change management from McCormick
  • Long-term Vision from Danone

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