Complimentary Webinar

Customer Data Gaps in Collections:

7 Checks Before You Collect Invoices


Key Takeaways

  • The Impact of missing data on dunning effectiveness
  • 7 data-points for a 360-degree view of the customer
  • A sneak-peek to the future Collectors’ Dashboard
  • Tips for collaboration with credit, cash and claims


Elaine Nowak
Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Marketing and Management
HighRadius Corporation

About The Webinar

Does more dunning necessarily mean lower DSO? Do past-due notices always result in payments? How many of the customers your team calls today would have paid even without an email?

The stakes are always high for the collections teams - and under pressure to deliver on expectations collectors often reach out without a ‘full-picture’ view of each and every customer. With 100s of customers assigned to each collector, a complete picture for each customer might seem like an unrealistic expectation. However, this ‘spray and pray’ approach results in sub optimal collector actions - where critical accounts are neglected and customer experience is compromised. So what’s the solution?

Data has the answer. Best-in-class collections teams excel in identifying critical data sources across credit-to-cash processes which help them quickly build a 360 degree understanding of each account. This enables prioritization and results in effective dunning.

In this webinar, Elaine Nowak talks about the 7 essential data sources every collector should tap to build an optimally prioritized collector’s work list. The webinar also focuses how the technology of the future will make it incredibly easier for collectors to gain a 360 degree view of each customer with a single click - and to ensure that each invoice is paid in time!

About HighRadius

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