7 Essential Customer Segmentation Factors for 150% Faster Collections

ebook - 10-minute read


Did you know that 61% of your delinquent accounts would have paid faster had you reached out earlier?

So, how do you call the right customer, at the right time, when every collector is assigned hundreds of accounts?

If you don’t have an answer, your team probably follows a “dial-for-dollars” approach. However, 200+ companies including Danone, ShurTech and Yaskawa have reduced past-due A/R by up to 75% with customer segmentation.

These companies use seven static and dynamic factors to segment customers and achieve 150% faster collection on open A/R.

Download this ebook to learn about:

  • The seven static and dynamic factors to segment customers for collections
  • Sample collection strategies for a variety of segments including strategic accounts, SMB accounts, fast-paying and slow-paying customers
  • Collections process design and technology for 150% faster operations