Complimentary Webinar

Receivables and AI: 

A Day in The Life of A Collections Analyst in 2020


Key Take aways Include

  • Learn how automation and AI are changing the way we approach the collections process
  • Understand how the amalgamation of technology and human skill is redefining roles and responsibilities
  • Discover the metrics of the future on which efficiency of the collections process would be measured


Carolyn Etress
Carolyn Etress, Director of Accounts Receivable
Ron Jethani
Ron Jethani, Manager, Solution Engineering

About The Webinar:

The arrival of a newer technology is always followed by a process reinvention which results in the upgradation of process by elimination of its shortcomings, improvement in the process outcomes and a redefining of the roles and responsibilities of all the participants in this process.

As RPA and AI bring about a sweeping change across the finance functions including Accounts Receivable, we take an unbiased look at the promise which these new technologies hold for the collections process in terms of productivity gains, better customer understanding, improving collections and reducing past due invoices.

With the onset with AI-enabled automation and integrated receivables solutions, collections specialists can rest assured their regular workday in 2020 would be radically different from the current daily routine. Enhanced business analytics and reporting, dynamic collections rules/strategies and proactive customer correspondence are just a few state-of-the-art features to name in the future collections.

Join this webinar where Carolyn Etress. Director of Accounts Receivables from EBSCO would share her views on how A Day in The Life of a Collection Analyst Might Look in The Year 2020.

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