ACH vs Credit Cards: A 4-Point Framework to Evaluate Which One is Right for Your Business


With the increased adoption of credit cards and ACH for B2B payments, credit and A/R leaders are constantly evaluating electronic payment acceptance solutions. However, business leaders must take a step back to evaluate different payment options and payment acceptance solutions on their ability to minimize cost and risk, optimize operations, safeguard critical business processes and ensure customer adoption.

This webinar will consider ACH and credit cards across four important dimensions to help finance leaders and their teams implement the right payment acceptance policies.

This webinar will help you:

  • Outline the latest trends driving B2B payment preferences for both buyers and suppliers
  • Drive electronic payment adoption in B2B buyers by understanding the value proposition of checks, ACH and credit cards
  • Evaluate electronic payment options for minimizing business risk based on the nature of your transactions
  • Quantify operational overheads and costs associated with ACH and credit card payments
  • Offset the impact of electronic payments on post-payment A/R processing

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Complimentary


      • Elaine M. Nowak, Director, Product Marketing, HighRadius