5 Credit Management Workflows for 2X Faster Credit Decisions

Complimentary eBook 

About the eBook:

Are you concerned that the credit limit allocation to your customers is too subjective and worried that your company is exposed to high credit/receivables risk?

Designing a bullet-proof credit process is critical given that for every pound that a business writes off, depending on the gross margins, the sales team has to sell many more dollars to make up for the lost dollars.

A study of credit operations at more than 100 Fortune-1000 organizations revealed that process standardisation for 5 most commonly used credit scenarios including customer onboarding, credit review and blocked order processing doubled credit operations productivity and lowered credit risk.

We have compiled the blueprint of these 5 workflows into a free ebook.

Key takeaways include:

  • Doubling the pace at which customers are onboarded through online credit application and new customer onboarding process
  • Ensuring 100% customer coverage for periodic and ad-hoc credit reviews
  • Preventing bad-debt through objective credit reviews with defined parameters for credit limit calculation based on industry and business specific best practices
  • Realizing revenues faster with proactive blocked order and release process
  • Staying on top of critical accounts with automated triggers based on credit agency downgrades and financial results