Credit & A/R Technology Session

2019 CRF March Forum

Tucson, Arizona
Monday, March 18th, 2019 | 9 AM - 12PM 

Key Takeaways Include

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About The Session 

HighRadius Corporation’s 3-hour user group will cover multiple relevant topics:

“The Order-to-Cash Process Assessment Framework”:

Learn about benchmarking and key metrics to consider, evaluating the cost of operations and identifying areas of improvement, and get real world examples of deductions process assessment.


“Artificial Intelligence – The J.A.R.V.I.S to Credit and Collections’ Iron Man”:

In this session, learn how AI can foster credit and sales collaboration to improve revenue, improve customer relationships for faster collections, and reduce revenue leakages from deductions.


“Payment Acceptance and Cash Application: Are You Truly Scalable?”:

Join this session to learn best practices on electronic invoicing, foreign exchange payment processing and acceptance, and cash application for multi-currencies and international payment methods.

About HighRadius

HighRadius's Award-winning Accounts Receivables Automation Software powers 400+ Fortune 1000 industry leaders who have optimized their Order-to-Cash process across Credit, Collections, Cash Application, Deductions, Billing & Payments. Highradius™ Autonomous Receivables, comprising of Integrated Receivables™, Rivana™, and Freeda™, uses AI-powered technology and digital assistants to improve your Receivables Management beyond best-in-class industry benchmarks.