Complimentary Webinar

Best Practices In Deduction Recovery:

Improving Collaboration for Increased Success

Key Takeaways Include

  • Learn the key factors that contribute to the challenges companies face in recovering deductions
  • Obtain best practices for deduction resolution and the use of automation
  • Receive actionable steps to overcome these challenges and reduce deductions by improving upstream A/R processes and profitability


Jessica Butler
Jessica Butler, Founder/Principal
Attain Consulting Group
 Matt Skudera
Matt Skudera, Vice President - Research and Education
Elaine Nowak
Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Marketing and Management
HighRadius Corporation

About The Webinar

Based on the 2018 Customer Deduction Survey conducted by Attain Consulting Group, ‘Cross Departmental Collaboration’ was reported as the #1 internal challenge companies face when trying to control deductions.  Beginning with the retrieval of customer claim related information, the deduction resolution process is a company-wide issue, requiring contributions from multiple teams, including cash application, collections, sales, compliance, distribution and customer service.  Therefore, when the multiple stakeholders are not fully aligned and working in a uncoordinated fashion, the ability to effectively identify opportunities to increase recoveries and decrease future deductions is negatively affected.  This can have a direct impact on overall profitability.


Watch this information-packed webinar to learn more with Jessica Butler, Founder of Attain Consulting Group and a recognized expert in the area of deduction management.

About HighRadius

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