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JBS is the largest meat producer in the world with annual revenues of $53 Billion and ranks #191 in the Fortune Global 500 list.

The receivables team at JBS relied on legacy systems to process $1.3 Billion receivables. The team faced a multitude of challenges including high volume of manual errors in cash application and rework, ad-hoc collections process and inability to track KPIs such as DSO, Net Recovery Rate and Bad-debt.

These challenges led to high cost of accounts receivable operations with a potential to save more than $1 Million every year and left millions in working capital tied in receivables, holding back business growth and investments.

Learn how JBS took a holistic approach to address the challenges across the credit-to-cash cycle with an integrated receivables framework to achieve:

  • $6.4 Million working capital improvement and DSO reduction through process changes and technology
  • $1 Million bottom-line savings with increased productivity across A/R and IT operations
  • 85%+ no-touch cash posting for electronic and check payments
  • 50%+ productivity improvements through automating collections strategies and customer correspondence with pre-defined mail templates
  • 30% productivity improvements in dispute/deductions processes through automating deductions identification at cash application


  • Shreepad Ankalgi, JBS USA
  • Shauna Carr, JBS USA
  • Jay Tchakarov, HighRadius