Complimentary Webinar

Payment Maturity Model

Is Your A/R Team Prepared for the Big Shift to Same-Day ACH and Virtual Cards?

Key Takeaways Include

  • Understanding the different stages in the Payment Maturity Model and their implications
  • Gauging the maturity of your current processes based on the parameters of cost control and method control
  • Next steps and timelines for upgrading your process to the top of the maturity pyramid
  • Essential elements to optimise your payments for faster and cheaper processing across all payment formats including ACH, checks, Credit Cards and Virtual Cards


Mark Brousseau
Mark Brousseau, Editor, Special Projects
Deepanjan Chattopadhyay
Deepanjan Chattopadhyay, Associate Vice President, Payments Products

About The Webinar

Payment trends over the last 3 years indicate that the use of checks has declined by nearly 14% while the adoption of ACH, Credit Cards and Virtual Cards is rising steeply. However, if you are like most companies you might be struggling with controlling the costs of processing e-payments, or being able to drive your customers to adopt e-payment methods. Does that mean that the utopia promised by e-payments is a myth?


The Payment Maturity Model has been developed to help you analyse how you well you are placed to capitalize on changing payment trends to the advantage of the A/R team. Devised after working with more than 350 account receivable teams across industries, the maturity model is the definitive starting point for A/R leaders to understand current process effectiveness and to define actionable next steps to ascend the maturity pyramid.

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