The Success Framework for Faster B2B Payments

Same-Day ACH, Real-Time Payments and Virtual Cards


Key Takeaways

  • Mechanics of Same-Day ACH, RTP and Virtual Cards
  • Speed, Security, Certainty, Cost - The 2S2C Framework for Suppliers
  • Payer use-cases for next-generation, faster payments
  • Payments optimization roadmap for suppliers to reduce process impact from changing payment trends


Jay Tchakarov
Jay Tchakarov, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing
HighRadius Corporation
Robert Unger
Robert Unger, AAP – Senior Director – Corporate Relations and Product Management
 Matt Skudera
Matt Skudera, Vice President - Research and Education

About The Webinar

As a supplier, the changing B2B payments landscape could impact everything from the cost of doing business to security and transparency. Same-day ACH, Real-Time Payments and Virtual Cards are increasingly available to help businesses move money faster. But what exactly are the associated costs, business benefits and how do you enable your customers to pay, while minimizing security risks?
Join this webinar to learn more about these faster payments – from benefits to operational and technology requirements and their impact from a speed, security and cost standpoint.