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This report titled Revenue Cycle Management: Increasing Control Over the Order-to-Cash Process is a PayStream Advisors Technology Insight Series report focused on AR solutions enhance the order-to-cash process. The report covers the following:

  • Explore the different types of AR automation that span the order-to-cash process
  • Understand the business case for implementing RCM technologies to improve receivables management
  • Take the next step towards the adoption of AR automation

Since the primary challenge for corporate finance remains reducing Days Sales
Outstanding (DSO) and risk with the same or a smaller staff, this administrative
burden can be crushing. Without automation tools, there is simply no way
to sufficiently increase productivity to both reduce overhead and improve
performance at the same time. Most of the time devoted to credit and collections
turns out to be administrative in nature as opposed to involving risk mitigation.
Instead, manual tasks, responding to customer service requests and account
reconciliations take up the majority of the time allocated for credit and collections.
As a consequence, a growing set of credit, collection, dispute and settlement
management automation tools have emerged, dramatically reversing the fortunes of
the corporate credit department in their never ending struggle to efficiently manage
the corporate receivables portfolio. This report covers a cross section of the RCM
vendor universe.

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