Roche Diagnostics:

Webinar: The Director of Corporate Credit at Roche Diagnostics Reveals How She Leveraged Automation To Support a 65% Growth in Incoming A/R
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The investor updates from Roche Diagnostics reveal that the company has been growing steadily for the past 5 years. Increase in sales coupled with a firm acquisition and a divestment resulted in a 65% growth in the A/R volumes.

As a result, the credit and A/R team at Roche Diagnostics faced the challenge of collecting over 70,000 invoices and resolving more than 14,000 deduction cases every month. Further, the lack of a single source of data further delayed deduction resolution and reduced collector efficiency.

Join Judy Wagner, the Director of Corporate Credit at Roche Diagnostics, as she shares how her team leveraged automation to achieve 65% collector efficiency improvement and 36% faster dispute resolution, without increasing team size.

Learn how the team at Roche achieved:

  1. 36% faster deduction resolution by automating repetitive, clerical tasks including aggregating PODs, BOLs and claim documents
  2. 65% improved collector efficiency by automatic prioritization of customer work items


Judy Wagner, Director of Corporate Credit, Roche Diagnostics

Dan Chapman, AVP Strategic Accounts, HighRadius