RPA and The Future of Dispute Management

Cost: Complimentary


Organisations are witnessing a steady growth in the volume of disputes raised by its customers both in the trade and non-trade categories. With a process laden with a large amount of manual work including collecting back up data and collaborating with multiple stakeholders, the deductions analyst productivity is affected leading to more time being spent resolving valid disputes and less time dedicated to invalid deduction research. The result is a protracted dispute resolution process, piling up volume of unresolved deductions and rise in the number of small and medium ticket deduction write-offs which is costing the organisation millions of euros. The overall impact of this is that deductions process turns into a costly affair which is burning more than it is recovering and any allocation additional resource to handle deductions more effectively becomes unwarranted.

Faced with similar challenges, Credit and A/R leaders at P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Danone and 350 others leading organisations used robotic process automation to help them convert their deductions teams from being a cost centre into a profit centre. Learn the story behind how they achieved this by signing up for the upcoming webinar:

In this 30 minutes webinar, you would learn how you could use RPA to:

  • Eliminate manual tasks such as in claims retrieval, deductions workflow and denial correspondence using automation
  • Reduce operational costs by enabling more deductions cases handled per team member
  • Improve deductions recovery by unlocking the benefits of sound research and tactical correspondence
  • Lower DDO by making deductions research easy and fast
  • Define the role of technology in strategic customer deduction initiatives


  • Sam Dhingra, A/R Solution Engineering Expert, HighRadius Corporation