Duration: 30 Mins                                                                                                                                    Cost: Complimentary

Key Takeaways

Based on a 2016 AFP survey, the future of check payments does not look very promising. The survey indicated that electronic payments are now 61% of all B2B remittances from major customers and will soon be the dominant mode of payments posing a significant shift in traditional check processing lockbox services.

With checks declining by more than 16% over the last 5 years, the data capture opportunity for electronic payments will increase; however, this revenue is currently going to the Fintech. Fintech are offering end-to-end remittance processing for electronic payments plus automation solutions for the entire credit-to-cash cycle directly to your corporate customers.

To compete, banks need to look beyond traditional lockbox processing and offer advanced remittance management services for electronic payments.  In doing so, banks can generate new revenue sources and reduce processing costs.

In this 30-min webinar, join Mike Dignen and Kiran Rana as they reveal how banks could:

  • Identify challenges corporate clients are facing in managing receivables
  • Use the latest technology without disrupting the existing IT landscape
  • Leverage Fintech technology innovations and market expertise in data capture services


  • Mike Dignen, VP - Banking Solutions, HighRadius
  • Kiran Bikash Rana, Director - Solution Engineering, HighRadius

About HighRadius

HighRadius Corporation is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. The HighRadius Integrated Receivables platform optimizes cash flow through automation of receivables and payments processes across credit, collections, cash application, deductions, electronic billing and payment processing. Powered by the Rivana™ Artificial Intelligence Engine, HighRadius Integrated Receivables enables teams to leverage machine learning for accurate decision making and future outcomes. The RadiusOne B2B payment network allows suppliers to digitally connect with buyers, closing the loop from supplier receivable processes to buyer payable processes. HighRadius solutions have a proven track record of optimizing cash flow, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) and bad debt, and increasing operational efficiency so that companies may achieve strong ROI in just a few months.