Electronic Payments: Check The Facts And Transform Electronic Payments Forever

Fact-check-1.jpgThe costs of processing incoming checks is almost 5.5 times greater than that of electronic payments, however, most companies still have a hard time increasing electronic payment adoption. The reason for this? People believe that processing decoupled electronic remittances is arduous and expensive, and electronic payments are more subject to fraud. However, these reasons are far from the truth.

In truth, among all form of payments, checks are subject to the most incidents of fraud. As a result, managing payment risk and operational expenses is one of the biggest on-going challenges faced by corporations today. How you check your facts and learn the truth around processing electronic payments will change your approach to solving the e-payment processing challenges. A simple move such as implementing the right technology to optimize electronic payment processing will save organizations thousands of dollars a year.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar as we check the facts around:

  • B2B Customer and supplier willingness to adopt electronic payments
  • IT department overhead in maintaining additional hardware infrastructure for electronic payment implementations
  • Manual work-hours required to process electronic payments
  • Increased fraud related to electronic payments

Duration: 30 minutes


      • Elaine M. Nowak, Director Product Management & Marketing, HighRadius